Tips In Giving Better Massages To Your Partner

December 4, 2018

Only a few people are born with innate skills in massaging. However, many of us love to receive good massages. Indeed, there are various benefits of a good massage. It can reduce stress and relieve the pain. Everyone can learn to give better massages for themselves or for their partners. Check out the tips below to know more:

Use your Body Weight

When we give massages, you can start for a few minutes only and stop. This is because your arms or hands might get hurt. This is the common complaints of many people. It is most likely because of your positioning. To have a good Thai massage, you should learn about the stance and your grip. Ask your partner to sit on the floor with a pillow. Then, sit on the chair or couch. Your partner can also lie on the floor with the mat or blankets.

Put Oil

To make your hands glide easily and prevent the uncomfortable friction, make sure to use lotion or olive oil when giving massages. However, don’t just pour it all on the back like a salad dressing. Put it on your hands first so it will become warm.

Focus on the Shoulders

Many people have tight muscles in the shoulders. As such, try to start at this point and stay for some time. Next, be sure not to apply too much pressure on the joints and on the bones. With too much pressure, it can cause serious damage in this area. One of the easier ways to work on tight shoulders is to use a tennis ball. Roll the ball all over the shoulders using the palm of your hand. With this, you can save your hand from doing all the hard work. Plus, your partner will surely feel amazing after this.

Do not do any harm

Another tip in giving good massages is avoiding to do any harm. Make sure you won’t pinch or grab the muscles. Keep your fingers together and use your whole hand in the process. Do this just like sculpting on the clay. Make sure to use soft strokes only to warm up the muscles. Thereafter, you can begin kneading it. In the beginning, you can ask your partner if the pressure is just right. Then, adjust when the need arises. For example, if your partner wants a deeper massage Coburg, you can use your body weight and lean in further. Try using your knuckles to soften the tight muscles. In a nutshell, there are various techniques in giving good massages to your partner. Buy the right oil and learn the techniques, and surely you can have the best service for your partner.