Tips To Maintain Strong Teeth From Childhood

July 19, 2019

The older kids get the harder it is to convince them to do anything. However, if certain practices have been maintained throughout their young days, it becomes a habit that they cannot get rid of. While this might not be the greatest with regards to bad habits, for those that are good this is perfect. Of them, convincing your kids the importance of brushing their teeth from their young days is a habit that you should be cultivating from the start and here are some tips to help you out.

Talk to them about the importance of it

Brushing teeth is a necessary practice that you need to develop from a young age itself especially if you want to look good in front of the good dentist. However, kids aren’t the most excited when they have to drop everything and go brush their teeth. So more than forcing them to do it, explain why they have to develop a practice of brushing twice a day. The more detailed and visually you explain it to them the easier they would be convinced enough to start brushing twice a day!

Give them the privilege of picking their brush

Though we don’t admit it even to ourselves sometimes, the joy of having a brush that you love of your favorite color is a huge motivator to be more regular in brushing twice a day and thus minimizing visits to the children dentist Ballarat. This is the same that applies to the kids as well. Rather than pushing them too much by highlighting all that could go wrong if they weren’t going to brush, give them the privilege of selecting the brush of their liking and you’d be surprised at how voluntarily they would rush to brush their teeth!

Brush together

Everything done together is always so much better and fun at the same time. Apply this logic to brushing as well to increase the interest of kids to brush more often. Don’t just push only them to brush, but rather join along with them and brush together. When they have company to do a task that they find the most tedious thing in the world, the easier it is to get them to develop the habit.

Award rewards

Who doesn’t love a gift or two! If you want your kids to be more enthusiastic about brushing their teeth without complaints, promise a reward for them. Most often the reason why kids are so hesitant about brushing is the hassle of getting it done especially when they are in the middle of a tv show or feeling really sleepy. So promising to reward them afterwards is certainly going to make them want to brush their teeth no matter how interesting the show is or how sleepy they are. So try the above with your child and watch them develop the habit of brushing regularly twice a day!