Urban Myths Associated To Cosmetic Surgery

March 11, 2019

There are a wide variety of cosmetic procedures available today ranging from Chin implants, lip augmentation, Breast implants, Brow lifts, Forehead lifts, Face lift, Neck lift, Nose job and Liposuction .I kid you not this list goes on. I am personally little resilient to the whole concept as I have roots in a place that forces one to deal with insecurely by merely ‘’sucking it up’’ but times have changes since then and everybody had begun to question’ ’why not us’’. As a result, today we somewhat have control to do over whatever insecurities we have. There are many horror stories that are circulated by certain people who have wanted to not only have the cake but eat the cake. So if you are hoping to get some work done, you need to be honest to yourself and not be afraid to put it out there.Unless you go to a really shady place to cut you up for half the price I am sure that your doctor will do a pretty decent job on you and here are a few urban myths that I like to put to rest.

A procedure done is always visible.

If you can know if at a glance that somebody has got work done, that is because they would have most probably not headed to the recommendations of the doctors and exercised their prerogative at the ultimate decision maker. In such situations patients tend to overlook the proportions of the body and concentrate only on the area that is subject to surgery.

Fillers are excruciatingly painful.

I’m not going to lie yes it can be uncomfortable. Dermal fillers in Sydney can be painful as your thresh hold for pain or it can just feel like a very big pinch. Usually procedures of this nature are combined with a pain relieving procedure called lidocaine. If you have a very low threshold for pain you can even explore the option of anaesthesia with your doctor.

Each person has a different tolerance to pain and your experience with lip augmentation or any other injection administrated to your facial region will be determinant upon same.

Things done, cannot be undone

I feel this is something said to keep prospective from committing to embark on this kind of journey. While it is debatable and there are a lot of ‘’ifs’’ when it comes to cosmetic surgery, any major complications can be ruled out in a typical scenario if the patient is of robust health.Want to know more? Reach out to your nearest licenced practitioner for a consult!